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I Support Israel's Right to Defend Itself

Please show your support for Israel and give today to help the thousands of innocent civilians who have been injured by Hamas and need our help today!  To assist efforts on the ground to help victims of terror, address trauma issues, and assist with emergency medical and infrastructure needs, JEWISHcolorado opened an Israel Emergency Fund and thanks to a group of generous donors, has launched a $600,000 dollar-for-dollar match. Please give today by clicking the button below! 


Places I recommend for acts of giving/ tzedakah:

If you have not seen or heard, please read the unwavering support from many of our public officials below:  

Senator Michael Bennet, in read remarks said, “We must support each other as a community in Colorado and stand firmly with our ally, Israel. I stand with our ally Israel and will do everything in my power to make sure it has the resources to defend itself.”

"We can do something bipartisan in Congress if it comes to Israel. To give Israel everything it needs, to make sure that we are together, and that we are together in this fight against terrorism," said Congresswoman Diana DeGette.

A grandchild of Holocaust survivors, Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser noted that the weekend attacks against Israel resulted in the darkest day in Jewish History since the Holocaust. “In dark times, all light is precious. It always matters. We must all do what we can to bring light into our world and support one another and the state of Israel.”

In remarks read from Governor Jared Polis, the governor said, “History has shown us what happens when we stay silent in the face of terror, and tonight we raise our voices to condemn these attacks and call for an end to this violence.

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston opened his remarks with a statement about how having a child is like having your heart walking around outside your body. Johnston noted how this is true for any who have spent time in Israel— always having a part of their heart halfway around the world—before saying, “I stand with you, this city will be holding your hearts.”