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Retirement Mortgage Playbook


The Retirement Mortgage Playbook is a comprehensive guide designed to help seniors and their families understand the strategic use of reverse mortgages in retirement planning. Authored by Gabe Bodner, a seasoned mortgage professional, the book offers in-depth insights into how reverse mortgages can enhance financial flexibility and security during retirement.

How This Book Can Help You This book serves as a detailed resource for homeowners, their relatives, and professionals in the financial or real estate sectors. It aims to demystify reverse mortgages, highlight their benefits, and dispel common misconceptions. Through explanations, case studies, and expert insights, readers will gain the knowledge to make informed decisions that align with their retirement needs and goals.

The Impending Retirement Crisis America faces a looming retirement crisis with the baby boomer generation reaching retirement age, strained traditional retirement funding sources, increased life expectancies, rising healthcare costs, and the shift from employer-sponsored pensions to individual savings. In this context, home equity emerges as a crucial, yet often untapped, resource for securing a stable retirement.

A Paradigm Shift The perception and utilization of reverse mortgages have shifted from a last resort for financially distressed seniors to a strategic retirement planning tool. Supported by increased regulatory safeguards, product innovations, and academic research, reverse mortgages are now recognized for their value in enhancing retirement outcomes.

  • Part One: Why You Want or Need a Retirement Mortgage
    • Reasons for considering a reverse mortgage, pros and cons, risks and benefits.
  • Part Two: What is a Retirement Mortgage and How Do They Work?
    • Fundamentals of reverse mortgages, types, payment options, and their impact on government benefits.
  • Part Three: How Do You Get a Retirement Mortgage?
    • Loan process, eligibility, financials, and selecting a qualified lender.
  • Part Four: Management of a Retirement Mortgage
    • Ongoing responsibilities, accessing credit lines, selling or paying off the loan, and implications for estate planning.
  • Part Five: Living Your Best Life with a Retirement Mortgage
    • Strategies for incorporating home equity into retirement plans, case studies, and building a team of advisors.

About the Author Gabe Bodner combines over twenty years of mortgage industry experience with a passion for innovative retirement planning. As an adjunct professor and active community member, Gabe aims to educate and empower clients to utilize reverse mortgages strategically, enhancing their financial stability and quality of life in retirement.

The Retirement Mortgage Playbook is an essential resource for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of reverse mortgages and optimize their retirement strategy. It encourages readers to rethink traditional retirement planning, embrace the potential of home equity, and live their best life today while planning for tomorrow. For more information, visit Gabe Bodner's website at